The Masterpiece

Will you come over it’s my birthday and i don’t want to be alone tonight? He said yes! As he knew she don’t have many friends in town. It was still an hour left for 12;pm, so they decided to paint, she had it all planed, candles were lit in her room and music was played. They started to paint and all of the sudden her brush started to stroke harder and harder, she did not notice that he stopped painting, he was looking at her face it seemed red in the light of candles, her eyes were wider then ever before, the power of pain was on her face, which she was carrying with grace, she looked beautifully strong. She was explaining her colors on painting “These are flames of the fire burning it’s own surrounding” she probably mumbled to her self, he never seen that beauty on her before. But tonight he seen her burning in her own flames in side. The pain she was carrying in her heart was unspeakable, but she never showed it any one. She would speak about her past in such easy words that no one would imagine, she is broken inside. But tonight she had it all out in her eyes, “I need to go home” he said it without even thinking, she stopped painting looked at him, “yes you need to go home” she knew what happened. She knew… she should have not showed her those colors to him…… She knew what is scaring him to death… she let him go because no one else owned her pain but only her. She cut the cake candles still lite, and she knew she became a masterpiece of her own painting tonight…. She than sang “Happy Birthday to Me………..
 Written by blogger…

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