Sage (The bed of flowers)

Village of northern Punjab had a tradition of marriage, where it use to call (Wata-Sata) means stone Vs. stone. Where stone was used to be  (girl VS girl), if a guy is getting married to a girl he needs to get his sister get married to brides brother in return so in future if anything goes wrong with the bride they will do the same with groom’s sister and it will be equally painful for both parties.


Komal was 32 years old and was old enough to get married long back, but due to family issues her two engagements were broken one after another at the age of 19 and 21 and then no one was interested in getting married to her in there village. And they all waited for her brother to get old and get married so she can be given as Wata-Sata tradition. And one day she did became a bride for real. After the failure of her second engagement she lost the hope of her becoming a bride but destines had his other ways.

In red dress of a bride she was sitting on the (SAGE) bed of flowers for bride, and she heard the door gets open and close in front of her and with all the sensations in her body and mind she was unable to look up and see her groom for the very first time. She sat there shivering with fear and different  feelings of someone in her room who is going to be her’s  forever.

Then she heard a child crying near her bed, with all the confusion in her head she looked up, and all of the sudden her dreams her life her future her past and present came crumbling down with the fire in her heart. There was sitting a 14 years old child crying and saying I will not sleep in this room I want to go and sleep with my mother.

She looked at this 10 year boy in the dress of groom and wanted to scream until she die, but her voice died before her scream can even make its way out.  She kept looking at this boy who eventually fell asleep on the (SAGE) the bed of flowers for the first night bride.


And then she started to laugh and laugh so loud that they turned in to cries of first nights of bride,  tears wear falling on her red dress like fire on the sun and she was burning her feelings her hopes and her dreams in that fire. But life went on even after this tragedy sun had no shame coming up in the sky and giving a new morning to the world, birds fly in the air shamelessly, and people in this new house were again up and talking to each other she was still sitting on the SAGE and the boy woke up and looking at her face with the messed up mascara on her face and eyes all red and face so crumbled in feelings that he got scared and run out of the room. She heard a great laughter from outside as soon the boy went out and they were teasing the boy, how was your bride (PUTER) son, have she given you enough sleep, so you enjoyed or slept all night??

And the boy was screaming at all of them and started to throw stones at those old people asking these weird questions he did not understood. She heard it all but something inside her kept quite she had no more tears to drop she had no more feelings left something died inside her that night.

As tradition her mother arrived to see her daughter in her new home. How are you? She asked with a smile on her face but komal kept quite she was surprised to see her mother ask her such a question after doing this to her. Her mother did not stopped and started to explain her part of the story, we were helpless you know that no one would have married you unless we give you in wata-sata for your brother and the girl he liked had only one brother who was younger then you, I have not told you this because your father asked me not to tell you or otherwise you will ruin your brother’s life to, and look this boy is not going to stay young forever one day when he will get older and understand marriage and his responsibilities you will have husband your own kids and your happy life just never lose hope my dear and I know you will wait with patience, he will become your soul mate he will love you the way you need to be loved just hold on and wait for him to grow older.


Her mother left days went by she was quite now every night her 14 years old husband was pushed in her room and he would cry and sleep, she use to sit there and watch him fall asleep and she did not knew how many days have went by and she had not even closed her eyes, but then one day the boy came in her room and sat on the bed, would you play with me she turned red with anger and felt her eyes burning but then she realized the boy is not to be blamed he have not done anything wrong. So she asked him what’s your name? Ali he said and sounded innocent to her. She have heard him getting beaten up from his mother and father because of his studies at school so she asked him to bring his books in the room and helped him study at nights they became friends she use to play with him in sing to him so he can fall asleep and talk to him about his friends and family and life started to get easier.

She had kept reminding her self, one day he will love you the way you need to be loved and she started to love her husband sometime as a little friend some time imagining him old enough to take her in his arms and kiss her as she needed to be kissed.

Ali finished his school now he was 18years old they had become best friends and Ali left village to study in city. She missed him and waited for him to come back and be her husband her love her soul mate, she waited for 3 years, and one day she received a letter saying that he is coming back and he is very excited to see her and wants to talk to her but she need to wait for couple of more days.


Those two days she felt like a new bride getting prepared for her first wedding night, she sat in front of the mirror and saw half of her hair have turned white she colored them for the first time, she could not wait to see him this time her body was feeling different  like every part of her is waiting for him to come see her and take her in his arms, everyone at the home was surprised to see her so excited and happy for those two days in all those years of her marriage she had never been so happy, once again after her wedding she put hena on her hands. And felt like a new bride again and the day came he arrived finally but could not manage to talk to her all day because of all the family gathered around him to see him after such a long time. And her patience was screaming to break down any time but she managed to stay in the room and not to see him and wait till he enters a room once again as her real groom and finally the time came he came in a room she had a smile on her face and her face was blushing with love and all those feelings which have died in this room once they came back to her.


He was sitting there looking at her and she was not able to see him in his eyes, then he spoke komal you are my best friend I have never hide anything from you from childhood till now I have told you all my secrets and today again I want to tell you something he hold her hands and her heart skipped a beat.

Komal I cannot tell ma and aba but I know you can talk to them on my behalf, listen I got married in the city a year ago and I cannot leave her she is my love. She did not hear anything after she heard this from him, there were no tears there were nothing on her face her mind and her heart was blank, she just saw him lying there and then he said sing that song which you use to sing to make me fall asleep, she sang she sang all night. And this morning again sun came out birds fle in the air and people talked to each other and cursed him what have you done to her how can she die like this she was happy you killed her.

And her dead body was Laying on the SAGE.

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