Light after Dark Tunel

Its raining again, he is sitting by the window, the sound of rain gives him chills in his body and he was again been reminded of his young age when a raining use to make everything look so beautiful, he was thinking how it use to feel once on those rainy days his mother use to make those hot pakoras for him the smell of them, was still in his memories. A knock at the door interrupted his  thoughts. He walked towards the door by  counting his steps. His servant Rehmat is at the door asking the same question everyday. “Sir what shall i cook today?” He replied “Rehmat make pakoras today with raita and rooties”  Rehmat got little surprise by this kind of demand where this old man always use to say make whatever you feel like, and rehmat got busy with his chores . He can hear what ever is going around him. He went in the kitchen and said rehmat whatever you do you can never make pakora smell like they use to smell in my childhood. Rehment smiled and he knew whats going on in old mans head today….

Finally he heard the clock calling its 11a. . He asked Rehmat to pack the meal and leave.  He got up from his chair. Holding  few things to reach the door keys. Grabbed his stick. He picked up the bag of food. Locking the door and walking towards a slum area. Now he can smell some dirt around , he makes sure he is approaching to his destination right. He heard some noises close by ” look the blind man is coming, common everyone its lunch time” . He is so happy to make it here another day. He is coming to this slum orphanage for last  10 years of his life. He feeds these orphan kids and he eats with them, again remembering the time once his mother was alive and use to feed him with her own hands. After loosing his sight in an accident he always wanted to do something what still can make him a useful person. So one day he found his dream land. Where he could come freely , can love and be loved.
His light of the day, and stars of the sky where these little kids, who can make him feel that there is still something left in the world for him to live for and love was somethings he was missing his whole life, he finally found love in place where his peace was…..
Written by Monema yawar.

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