Mother Love..

Mom where's my gift asked the blind child. The world looked so beautiful afterwards. Written by Kumar Saurabh


Fake World

They  were dragging her away, She screamed for help! Everyone was busy in making videos. Women Safety ,They Demand Written by Kumar Saurabh

Became a gentelman

Failed in Engineering Entrance. Rejected for Manger's post interview. It was his turn to show the world A Man can also cook delicious food. Written by Kumar Saurabh

Reality of life

His salary lavish life style, expensive restaurant. Yet his soul was lost in the days, spent in the collage canteen, where he use to enjoy tea with his friends. Written by Kumar Saurabh

Light after Dark Tunel

Its raining again, he is sitting by the window, the sound of rain gives him chills in his body and he was again been reminded of his young age when a raining use to make everything look so beautiful, he was thinking how it use to feel once on those rainy days his mother use... Continue Reading →

Unique Love

After the long wait finally we met…. You made me feel alive again like once I had….   I was filled with life and hope with your every touch…. The happiness you brought with yourself, is way too much   You made everyone sing…Wander…. Roam…And Dance The best thing you gave me is the pleasing... Continue Reading →

Secret Letter.

Hi, baby. There you are! So long, no? You keep busy with your college, curriculars, internships and all that. Yes, yes, I know. But why is it that you haven't been coming to me at all, lately? Have I become so uninteresting to you? You know, you make me feel like an abandoned housewife sometimes.... Continue Reading →

Misfit Lovers

There lives someone, Far, but a stone's throw away from my lane, Yet twelve inches only, Down my brain; Who replenishes me With fragrance Long lost within the withered petals, Of roses scrunched in my diary. There lives someone, Maybe quintessence of first summer rain, Yet twelve inches only Down my brain; Who quenches my... Continue Reading →

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